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Camino Maps

Camino Olvidado

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Camino Maps allows you to view the pathway, localities, lodgings and other points of interest of the 21 currently available Routes to Santiago on a map. You can also download a kml file for Google Earth with the same content.

This page was created on February 22th 2007. So far, it has been used 565,391 times by visitors.

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    R: Lodging in parishes, convents or religious communities.

    A: Public, non-profit or private pilgrim-oriented hostel.

    J: Youth hostel or student residence.

    H: Hotel.

    M: Guest rooms.

    C: Campsite.

    T: Apartment or full rental house.

    F: Lodging in private homes.

    FR: Off-route.

Download a Google Earth file

Click on the link below to automatically generate a Google Earth file of the Camino Olvidado ready to be saved to your computer. Terms of use apply in order to ensure a fair use of it.

This file contains 315 marks of cities, towns, villages and other points of interest, along with the lodgings and the path of the whole route, generated from a series of 17,150 trackpoints (that's an average of 1 point every 29 metres).

The data set has been last updated on April 12, 2023 and is dinamically retrieved from's database server every time you open the file. This way, you don't need to come back and check for updates.

Kml file for Google EarthDownload
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