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Camino Planner

Connection by Ainhoa

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The Camino Planner is an interactive tool meant to allow you to generate several kinds of customized files (maps, elevation profiles, spreadsheets, web tables, pdf files and GPS files) containing different data regarding your future pilgrimage along any of the twenty currently available routes to Santiago: coordinates, distances, heights, villages, lodging facilities, stages, and even sun and moon calendar.

The first version of the Camino Planner appeared on May 4, 2003. So far, it has been used 422,005 times by's visitors.

As a first step, please click on the links below to select the route you want to travel by. If the route has variants, you will be asked to choose between them.

Choose your itinerary

Please choose what section of the Connection by Ainhoa you would like to walk.

Choose the starting and ending places of your journey Starting place on the left; ending place on the right; at least one intermediary place must be left in between.
The cumulative distances are shown in the middle.
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