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Camino de Finisterre

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1. Santiago de Compostela cathedral
2. The Entremurallas street from the Derby cafeteria
3. Arriving at Ponte Maceira
4. Pazo do Coton, in Negreira
5. Leaving Negreira
6. On the way to Zas
7. An eucalyptus in the Way
8. On the way to As Maroñas
9. Love every step!
10. Never forget that life is beautiful...

Variant through Muxía

11. Hydrangeas near Senande
12. Church of San Martiño de Ozón
13. Porch of the church of San Xiao de Moraime
14. Arriving at Muxía
15. Port of Muxía
16. On the way to the Faro da Barca, in Muxía
17. Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Barca (I)
18. Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Barca (II)
19. Sunset in Muxía (I)
20. Sunset in Muxía (II)
21. The River Castro, near Lires
22. Granaries in Castrexe
23. The Way near Buxán
24. The Atlantic ocean near Buxán
25. Arriving at Finisterre
26. Langosteira Beach, in Finisterre

End of the Variant through Muxía

27. View over the port of Finisterre
28. Port of Finisterre
29. View over Mount Pindo from Cape Finisterre
30. Finisterre cape and lighthouse (I)
31. Finisterre cape and lighthouse (II)
32. Stone-croos in the Cape of Finisterre
33. The End of The Way
34. The coast in Finisterre
35. The Atlantic ocean in Finisterre
36. Sunset in Finisterre (I)
37. Sunset in Finisterre (II)
38. Sunset in Finisterre (III)
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