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1. Arles: Roman amphitheatre (I)
2. Arles: Roman amphitheatre (II)
3. Arles: former Van Gogh's room
4. Arles: west portal of the Church of Saint-Trophime
5. Arles: tympanum of the west portal of the Church of Saint-Trophime
6. Arles: cloister of the Church of Saint-Trophime
7. Arles: Place de la République
8. Left bank of the River Rhone in Arles
9. Pont de Fourques over the River Petit Rhône
10. On the way to Saint-Gilles
11. Basilica of Saint-Gilles
12. Medieval gate in Saint-Gilles
13. Fields on the way to Vauvert
14. Pilgrim signs in the Petit-Camargue
15. Vauvert: medieval gate and clock tower
16. Arriving in Gallargues-le-Montueux
17. Ancient hospital for pilgrims in Gallargues-le-Montueux
18. Villetelle
19. Bulls in the Camargue
20. Signs in Vendargues
21. Montpellier: view over the Cathedral Saint-Pierre
22. Montpellier: Cathedral Saint-Pierre and Faculty of Medicine
23. Montpellier: Gargoyle on the South side of the Cathedral Saint-Pierre
24. Montpellier: rue de Candolle
25. Montpellier: commemorative plaque of Jaime I de Aragón
26. Montpellier: Porte de Peyrou
27. Montpellier: rue Foch
28. Montpellier: Place de la Comédie
29. Montpellier: Opéra Comédie (I): main facade
30. Montpellier: Opéra Comédie (II): back
31. Montpellier: Hotel du Midi
32. On the way to Aniane
33. Pont du Diable over the River Herault
34. Gorges of the River Hérault
35. Ruins of the mill of Clamouse
36. View over Saint-Gilhem-le-Désert
37. Abbey of Saint-Gilhem-le-Désert
38. Landscape after Arboras
39. Arriving in Saint-Jean-de-la-Blaquière
40. Saint-Jean-de-la-Blaquière
41. Abbey of Saint-Michel-de-Grandmont (I): cloister
42. Abbey of Saint-Michel-de-Grandmont (II): exterior
43. The Way after Soumont
44. Landscape near Lodève
45. View over Lodève
46. Arriving in Lodève
47. Cathedral Saint-Fulcran of Lodève
48. Landscape after Lodève
49. River Gravezou in Lunas
50. River Orb in Le Bousquet-d'Orb
51. Descending the Col de Liourel
52. Col de Serviès
53. Fountain in the village of Mècle
54. Pilgrim arriving in Saint-Gervais-sur-Mare
55. Bridge in the way into Saint-Gervais-sur-Mare
56. Pilgrim sign on the way out of Saint-Gervais-sur-Mare
57. Landscape near the village of Ginestet
58. Landscape near Les Senausses
59. The Way near Les Senausses
60. Forests and cereal
61. Murat-sur-Vèbre Town Hall and pilgrim hostel
62. Lake of Lauzas near Villelongue
63. The forest after Villelongue
64. Cows near the village of La Moutouse
65. Fir trees and cereal near La Salvetat (I)
66. Fir trees and cereal near La Salvetat (II)
67. View over La Salvetat-sur-Agout
68. Leaving La Salvetat-sur-Agout (I)
69. Leaving La Salvetat-sur-Agout (II)
70. The Way after La Salvetat-sur-Agout
71. Sheep, pasture and forests
72. Firs and pilgrims
73. The Way near Anglès
74. On the way to Boissezon
75. View over Boissezon
76. Church of Saint-Jacques in Castres
77. Castres town center
78. River Agout in Castres
79. Castres: hotel Riviere
80. Bridges over the River Thoré
81. Welcome to Barginac
82. Leaving Barginac
83. Viviers les Montagnes
84. The Way after Viviers-les-Montagnes
85. Cows near Lugarie
86. Abbey of En Calcat (I): exterior
87. Abbey of En Calcat (II): cloister
88. Arriving in Revel
89. Grain market of Revel
90. Market square in Revel
91. Landscape after Revel
92. Landscape near Saint-Félix-Lauragais
93. The Rigole channel
94. Recreation area of Narouze
95. Pilgrims next to the Canal du Midi
96. Sluice of Renneville, in the Canal du Midi
97. The Way along the Canal de Midi (I)
98. The Way along the Canal de Midi (II)
99. Pont de Deyme over the Canal du Midi
100. Arriving in Toulouse by the Canal du Midi
101. Toulouse: Palais Niel
102. Toulouse: rue Saint-Jacques
103. Toulouse: Place Saint-Étienne
104. Toulouse: Basilica Saint-Sernin (I)
105. Toulouse: Basilica Saint-Sernin (II)
106. Toulouse: Basilica Saint-Sernin (III)
107. Toulouse: Basilica Saint-Sernin (IV)
108. Toulouse: Place du Capitole
109. Toulouse: rue d'Alsace et Lorraine
110. Toulouse: Church of N.D. de la Dalbade
111. Toulouse: Pont-Neuf over the River Garonne
112. Toulouse: Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques (I)
113. Toulouse: Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques (II)
114. Toulouse: Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques (III)
115. Toulouse: Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques (IV)
116. Toulouse: Hôtel-Dieu Saint-Jacques (V)
117. Pibrac: esplanade and Basilica Sainte-Germaine
118. Sunflowers in the evening
119. Léguevin Town Hall
120. Léguevin pilgrim hostel
121. Léguevin pilgrim hostel guestbook
122. Pilgrim igns in the forest of Bouconne
123. Landscape near l'Isle-Jourdain
124. View over l'Isle-Jourdain
125. Landscape after Monferran-Savès
126. Pilgrims bench near Giscaro
127. Grain market of Gimont
128. Leaving Gimont
129. Landscape on the way to l'Isle-Arne
130. Château d'Arné
131. Lamothe pilgrim hostel
132. The Way near l'Isle-Arne
133. Church of Montegut
134. Château Saint-Cricq
135. Arriving in Auch
136. Auch: monumental stairs
137. View over the Auch cathedral (I)
138. View over the Auch cathedral (II)
139. Auch cathedral: facade
140. Auch cathedral: interior
141. Auch: tourist office
142. Auch: rue Dessoles
143. View from the pilgrim hostel of Auch
144. Pilgrim signs in Auch
145. The Way after Auch
146. Landscape near Barran
147. Welcome to Barran
148. Medieval gate in Barran
149. On the way to l'Isle-de-Noé
150. Pilgrim signs near l'Isle-de-Noé
151. Montesquiou
152. Landscape after Montesquiou
153. Forest after Pouylebon
154. Arriving in Monlezun
155. View over the church of Marciac
156. Marciac main square
157. Auriébat
158. Statue of the Virgin Mary out of Auriébat
159. Welcome in Lahitte-Toupière
160. Pilgrim signs after Anoye
161. Pilgrims resting space after Anoye
162. Arriving in Morlaas
163. Church of Sainte Foy, in Morlaàs (I): portal
164. Church of Sainte Foy, in Morlaàs (II): detail of portal
165. Morlaàs town center
166. Hotel des Voyageurs, in Morlaàs
167. Welcome near Pau
168. Forest of Pau
169. Arriving in Lescar
170. Cathedral of Notre-Dame, in Lescar (I)
171. Cathedral of Notre-Dame, in Lescar (II)
172. Good wishes near Lacommande
173. Romanesque church of Lacommande
174. Landscape near Estialescq
175. Pilgrim signs near Oloron
176. Arriving in Oloron-Sainte-Marie
177. Church of Notre-Dame, in Oloron-Sainte-Marie
178. Gave d'Aspe in Oloron-Sainte-Marie (I)
179. Gave d'Aspe in Oloron-Sainte-Marie (II)
180. Oloron: Cathedral Sainte Marie (I)
181. Oloron: Cathedral Sainte Marie (II): Romanesque portal
182. Oloron: Cathedral Sainte Marie (III): detail of portal
183. Oloron: view over the Gave d'Aspe from the Sainte Marie Bridge
184. Bridge over the River Ourtau in Eysus
185. Landscape in Lurbe-Saint-Christau
186. Leaving Lurbe-Saint-Christau
187. Arriving in Sarrance
188. River Aspe in Sarrance
189. Bedous: Place Sarraillé
190. River Gabarret in Bedous
191. Between Bedous and Accous
192. Accous Town Hall
193. Cette-Eygun
194. Borce
195. Road N-134 after Urdos
196. Landscape after Urdos
197. Viaduct of Arnousse
198. Village of Peyrenère
199. Col de Somport
200. Somport: custom and hostel