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1. Information panel in Sainte-Colome
2. Beginning of the Ossau Way
3. Church of Izeste
4. On the way to Bielle
5. Pilgrim signs on the Way (I)
6. Historical note on Béon
7. Portal of the church of Béon
8. Aste-Béon Town Hall
9. View over Laruns
10. Arriving in Eaux-Bonnes
11. Park in Eaux-Bonnes
12. Playing petanque
13. Place de la Mairie, in Laruns
14. Long live the cow
15. Hourat hydroelectric power station
16. The River Ossau (I)
17. Pilgrim signs on the Way (II)
18. On the way to Eaux-Chaudes
19. Footbridge over the River Ossau (I)
20. Eaux-Chaudes thermal resort
21. Waterfall near the Pont d'Enfer
22. "Marbled white" butterfly
23. Pilgrim signs on the Way (III)
24. Miegebat hydroelectric power station
25. Centennial beech
26. Lung lichen
27. Pyrenean frog
28. Footbridge over the River Ossau (II)
29. The River Ossau (II)
30. The River Ossau (III)
31. Arriving in Gabas
32. Chapel of Gabas
33. Historical note in Gabas
34. Signals on the Bious-Oumettes plain
35. The Midi d'Ossau peak
36. Bious-Oumettes plain
37. Bious-Artigues lake (I)
38. Bious-Artigues lake (II)
39. Array d'Aüssaü (I)
40. Array d'Aüssaü (II)
41. Bious pastoral road (I)
42. Bious pastoral road (II)
43. Bious pastoral road (III)
44. Silver-washed fritillary
45. View over the Bious plain
46. View over the Bious valley
47. Bious valley and Castérau peak
48. Geese and Castérau peak
49. Bious valley and Midi d'Ossau peak
50. Ascent to lake Castérau
51. Lake Casterau
52. Lake Castérau and Midi d'Ossau peak
53. Bielle peak and Midi d'Ossau peak
54. Lake Paradis, from the Col des Moines
55. Col des Moines, on the Spanish border
56. Escalar lagoon (I)
57. Escalar lagoon (II)
58. On the way to Astún
59. English iris
60. Arriving in Astún
61. Arriving in Somport
62. Pilgrim sculpture in Somport
63. Somport customs
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