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Chemin de Vézelay

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Camino del NorteBayonne to Santiago de Compostela158 g
Camino PrimitivoOviedo to Santiago de Compostela50 g
Camino OlvidadoBilbao to Cacabelos103 g
Vía de la PlataSevilla to Santiago de Compostela260 g
Camino AragonésSomport to Puente la Reina65 g
Camino del BaztánBayonne to Pamplona83 g
Chemin d'ArlesArles to Somport200 g
Chemin du PuyLe Puy-en-Velay to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port140 g
Chemin du PiémontCarcassonne to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port180 g
Connection by GavarnieLourdes to Jaca110 g
Connection by PanticosaLourdes to Jaca76 g
Chemin d'OssauSainte-Colome to Somport63 g
Chemin de VézelayVézelay to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port225 g
Connection by GR-10Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Hendaye70 g

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1. Vézelay: facade of the Basilica Sainte-Madeleine (I)
2. Vézelay: facade of the Basilica Sainte-Madeleine (II): tympanum
3. Vézelay: facade of the Basilica Sainte-Madeleine (III)
4. Vézelay: Saint James chapel in the Basilica Sainte-Madeleine
5. Vézelay: back of the Basilica Sainte-Madeleine
6. View from the Hill of Vézelay
7. Vézelay: Centre Sainte-Madeleine (I): entry
8. Vézelay: Centre Sainte-Madeleine (II): courtyard
9. The Way near Saligny
10. Arriving in Saint-Germain-des-Bois
11. Cereal landscape after Saint-Germain-des-Bois
12. Hostel in Cunzy-les-Varzy
13. Monument to the victims of the Holocaust in Varzy
14. Varzy: Collegiate Church of Saint-Pierre-ès-Liens
15. Chapel Saint-Lazare, after Varzy
16. On the way to Champlemy (I)
17. On the way to Champlemy (II)
18. Chambres d'hôtes in Champlemy
19. Cereal fields after Champlemy
20. Cereal fields after Bourras l'Abayye
21. Cows near l'Hopitot
22. Town Hall and pilgrims hostel of Arbourse
23. Wines on sell at Mauvrain
24. Pilgrim signs near La Charité-sur-Loire
25. La Charité-sur-Loire: Place De Gaulle
26. Abbey of La Charité-sur-Loire (I)
27. Abbey of La Charité-sur-Loire (II)
28. Fork in the Chemin de Vézelay
29. Leaving La Charité-sur-Loire
30. The Loire River in La Charité
31. Large oak after La Chapelle-Montlinard
32. Sancergues
33. On the way to Charentonnay
34. Between Charentonnay and Couy
35. Baptismal font in Couy
36. The Way after Couy
37. Baugy
38. Brécy
39. Landscape after Brécy
40. On the way to Sainte-Solange
41. Cereal landscape near Sainte-Solange
42. Church of Sainte-Solange
43. Leaving Sainte-Solange
44. Sunflowers near Bourges
45. Arrival in Bourges
46. Old town of Bourges
47. Cathedral of Bourges: facade
48. Cathedral of Bourges: tympanum
49. Cathedral of Bourges: right side
50. Bourges city center
51. Pilgrims hostel of Charost
52. Medieval gate in Charost
53. Cereal landscape before Issoudun (I)
54. Cereal landscape before Issoudun (II)
55. Issoudun: Basilica of N.D. du Sacré-Coeur and reception center
56. Issoudun: ancient Abbey of the Castle
57. Cereal landscape after Issoudun
58. Sunflowers near Thizay
59. Landscape near Neuvy-Pailloux
60. La Tripterie
61. Sunflowers after Sainte-Fauste
62. Diors
63. Pigeons on the way to Déols
64. Déols: the Gate of the Clock
65. Chateauroux: Church of Saint-André
66. Arriving in Velles
67. Church of Velles
68. Cows and pastures after Velles (I)
69. Cows and pastures after Velles (II)
70. Prunget
71. Saint-Marcel
72. Argenton-sur-Creuse: Place de la République
73. Church of Le Menoux
74. Walkway alongside the river Creuse
75. Arrival in Gargilesse-Dampierre
76. Interior of the Romanesque church of Gargilesse (I)
77. Interior of the Romanesque church of Gargilesse (II)
78. Castle of Gargilesse
79. Hotel George Sand, in Gargilesse
80. Pilgrim on her way out of Gargilesse
81. Signs on the way to Cuzion
82. The Creuse River near Eguzon (I)
83. The Creuse River near Eguzon (II)
84. Signs on the way to Crozant
85. Mill next to the river Sedelle
86. Church of Saint-Germain-Beaupré
87. Town Hall of Saint-Agnant-de-Versillat
88. Saint-Agnant-de-Versillat: monument to the fallen
89. Arrival in La Souterraine
90. La Souterraine: Church of N.D. de l'Assomption (I)
91. La Souterraine: Church of N.D. de l'Assomption (II)
92. La Souterraine town center
93. Landscape near Saint-Priest-La-Feuille
94. Leaving Chamborand
95. On the way to Bénévent-l'Abbaye
96. Bénévent-l'Abbaye town center
97. Bénévent-l'Abbaye: Church of Saint-Barthélemy (I)
98. Bénévent-l'Abbaye: Church of Saint-Barthélemy (II)
99. Bénévent-l'Abbaye: Church of Saint-Barthélemy (III)
100. Bénévent-l'Abbaye: panoramic view
101. Pilgrim and shell
102. Arriving in Arrènes
103. Church of Saint-Goussaud
104. Pilgrims hostel of Châtelus-le-Marcheix
105. Bridge of Dognon over the river Taurion
106. Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat: ancient hospital for pilgrims
107. On the way to La Chapelle
108. Curious cows
109. Arrival in Limoges along the Vienne River
110. Commemorative plaque on the Pont Saint-
111. Pilgrims entering Limoges by the Pont Saint-
112. Limoges: Cathedral of Saint-
113. Limoges: Franciscan convent and pilgrims hostel
114. Abandoned building in Limoges
115. Limoges: rue de la Boucherie
116. On the way to Aixe-sur-Vienne
117. Pilgrims on the way to Saint-Martin-le-Vieux
118. Château de la Judie
119. Church of Saint-Martin-le-Vieux
120. La Maison Neuve pond
121. On the way to Firbeix
122. Welcome to Firbeix
123. Firbeix Post Office
124. Arrival in La Coquille
125. Pilgrims in the hostel of La Coquille
126. Thiviers: general electricity
127. Thiviers: Church of Notre-Dame
128. Cabin for pilgrims in the campsite of Thiviers
129. On the way to Négrondes
130. Church of Saint-Germain in Sorges (I): portal
131. Church of Saint-Germain in Sorges (II): interior
132. Sundial on the church of Cornille
133. Cathedral of Saint-Front in Périgueux (I): exterior
134. Cathedral of Saint-Front in Périgueux (II): cloister
135. Stall in Périgueux
136. Old books store in Perigueux
137. On the way to Saint-Astier
138. Saint-Astier town center
139. Fortified Romanesque church of Douzillac
140. Town Hall of Douzillac
141. Arrival in Sourzac
142. The river Isle in Sourzac
143. Mussidan: large oak next to the pilgrims hostel
144. Church of Mussidan
145. Arriving in Saint-Géry
146. Commemorative plaque next to the church of Fraisse
147. Signs on the way to Sainte-Foy-la-Grande
148. Arrival in Sainte-Foy-la-Grande
149. Tourist office of Sainte-Foy-la-Grande
150. Festivals in Sainte-Foy-la-Grande
151. Port-Sainte-Foy from the Michel de Montaigne Bridge
152. Market of Pellegrue
153. Abbey church of Saint-Ferme
154. Old Benedictine Abbey in Saint-Ferme
155. Pilgrims hostel of Saint-Ferme
156. The Way after Saint-Hilaire-de-la-Noaille
157. Arrival in La Réole
158. Old Town Hall of La Réole (XII century)
159. Former Benedictine Abbey of La Réole
160. Pont du Rouergue over the Garonne River in La Reole
161. Leaving La Réole
162. Pondaurat: resting space for pilgrims
163. Bridge over the river Bassane in Pondaurat
164. Arriving in Auros
165. Auros town center
166. Flowers on the way to Bazas
167. Bazas: Château Saint-Vincent
168. Bazas: baths and showers
169. Bazas: Cathedral square
170. Bazas: Cathedral of Saint-Jean-Baptiste
171. Old railway on the way to Captieux
172. Signs on the way to Captieux
173. Church of Captieux
174. Duck farm near Bourriot-Bergonce
175. Dinner at the pilgrims hostel of Roquefort-des-Landes
176. Arriving in Bostens
177. Church of Bougue
178. Commemorative plaque in Bougue
179. Old railroad after Bougue
180. Donjon Lacataye in Mont-de-Marsan
181. Town Hall of Mont-de-Marsan
182. Mont-de-Marsan: Nouvelles Galeries
183. Church of Saint-Sever
184. Cloister of the Jacobins, in Saint-Sever
185. Old delicatessen in Saint-Sever
186. Cross of Lissandre, after Horsarrieu
187. Arriving in Hagetmau
188. Pilgrims hostel of Hagetmau
189. On the way to Orthez
190. Orthez: Moncade Tower
191. Orthez: rue Moncade
192. Orthez: Hôtel de la Lune (pilgrims hostel)
193. Drawings in the guestbook of the pilgrims hostel of Orthez
194. Orthez: House of Jeanne d'Albret (Tourist Office)
195. Orthez: Gothic church of Saint-Pierre
196. Orthez: Pont Vieux
197. Arriving in l'Hôpital d'Orion
198. Arriving in Sauveterre-de-Béarn
199. Tower of Monréal, in Sauveterre-de-Béarn
200. Church of Saint-André, in Sauveterre-de-Béarn (I)
201. Church of Saint-André, in Sauveterre-de-Béarn (II): portal
202. Fortified bridge of La Légende, in Sauveterre-de-Béarn
203. Arriving in Osserain-Rivareyte
204. Border stone of Paussassac
205. Right turn near Saint-Palais
206. The way into Saint-Palais
207. Bust of a woman in Saint-Palais
208. Pilgrim signs on the way out of Saint-Palais
209. Stele of Gibraltar
210. View over the hamlet of Gibraltar
211. Chapel of Soyarza
212. Orientation table of Soyarza
213. Funerary stele near Harambeltz
214. Interior of the chapel of Harambeltz
215. Saint James in the chapel of Harambeltz
216. Landscape near Ostabat
217. Arriving in Ostabat
218. Church of Ostabat
219. Courtfield in Gamarthe
220. View over Lacarre
221. Information panels near Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port
222. Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port: rue de la Citadelle
223. Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port: municipal pilgrims hostel
224. Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port: old hostel "l'Esprit du Chemin"
225. Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port: bridge over the river Nive