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Camino del Norte

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Camino del NorteBayonne to Santiago de Compostela158 g
Camino PrimitivoOviedo to Santiago de Compostela50 g
Camino OlvidadoBilbao to Cacabelos103 g
Vía de la PlataSevilla to Santiago de Compostela260 g
Camino AragonésSomport to Puente la Reina65 g
Camino del BaztánBayonne to Pamplona83 g
Chemin d'ArlesArles to Somport200 g
Chemin du PuyLe Puy-en-Velay to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port140 g
Chemin du PiémontCarcassonne to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port180 g
Connection by GavarnieLourdes to Jaca110 g
Connection by PanticosaLourdes to Jaca76 g
Chemin d'OssauSainte-Colome to Somport63 g
Chemin de VézelayVézelay to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port225 g
Connection by GR-10Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Hendaye70 g

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1. International bridge of Santiago (I): first arrow
2. International bridge of Santiago (II): what's left
3. Boats in the Bidasoa River
4. Town Hall of Irún
5. Santiagotxo Hermitage
6. Sanctuary of Guadalupe
7. View over Hondarribia and Hendaye
8. View over the marshes of Jaitzubia
9. Arrival in Pasajes de San Juan
10. View over Pasajes de San Juan from the hostel
11. Pilgrims hostel of Pasajes de San Juan
12. Santiago square in Pasajes de San Juan
13. Jetty in Pasajes de San Juan
14. Canoes in the Pasajes estuary
15. The Pasajes estuary at night (I)
16. The Pasajes estuary at night (II)
17. View over Pasajes de San Pedro from the jetty
18. Crossing the Pasajes estuary
19. Slipway in the Pasajes estuary
20. Breakwater, lighthouse and mouth of the Pasajes estuary
21. Steps on the way up to Mount Ulia
22. Arrival in San Sebastián by the Zurriola Beach
23. San Sebastián: Zurriola Beach
24. San Sebastian: Zurriola bridge
25. San Sebastian: La Concha bay and Monte Igeldo
26. San Sebastián: La Concha Beach (I)
27. San Sebastián: La Concha Beach (II)
28. Cliffs on Mount Igeldo
29. Farmhouse facing the Cantabrian Sea
30. Pilgrim sign on the way to Orio
31. Up with Orio!
32. Large house in Orio
33. Oria river estuary
34. View over Zarautz
35. Beach of Zarautz
36. The Cantabrian Sea on the way to Getaria
37. The Mouse of Getaria islet
38. Arriving in Getaria
39. Monument to Juan Sebastián Elcano (I)
40. Monument to Juan Sebastián Elcano (II)
41. View over Getaria
42. Old Town Hall of Getaria
43. Getaria: calle Mayor
44. Church of San Salvador in Getaria
45. Santiago Beach in Zumaia
46. Zumaia port
47. Former Zumaia train station
48. St. Peter's Church in Zumaia (I)
49. St. Peter's Church in Zumaia (II): interior
50. Fountain of San Juan in Zumaia
51. Town Hall of Zumaia
52. Itzurun Beach in Zumaia
53. The Zumaia flysch
54. View over Itziar
55. Pilgrim sign on the way to Deba
56. Leaving Deba
57. On the way to the Hermitage of El Calvario
58. Hamlet of Olatz
59. Ascending the mount Arno (I)
60. Ascending the mount Arno (II)
61. Descent to Markina
62. Town Hall of Markina
63. Pilgrim signs in Markina
64. Atrium of the church of the monastery of Zenarruza
65. Cloister of the monastery of Zenarruza
66. Pilgrim signs in Munitibar
67. Hermitage of Santiago, after Munitibar
68. St. Peter's Chapel in Olabe
69. Hamlet of Elexalde
70. Panoramic view from Elexalde
71. Arriving in Gernika
72. Balconies in Gernika
73. Town Hall of Gernika
74. Fueros square in Gernika
75. Church of Santa María, in Gernika
76. Portal of the Church of Santa María, in Gernika
77. Museum of the Basque Country, in Gernika
78. Public schools of Gernika
79. Hermitage of Santa Lucía, in Gernika
80. The Way between pine forests
81. On the way to Eskerika
82. Donkeys, walnut and pine
83. Pilgrims hostel of Eskerika
84. The Way after Eskerika
85. Goikolexea
86. Ikaza Palace, in Larrabetzu
87. Church of San Martín, in Zamudio
88. Panoramic view over Bilbao
89. Bilbao: back part of the Basilica of Begoña
90. Bilbao: portal of the Basilica of Begoña
91. Gate of Zamudio in Bilbao old quarter
92. Bilbao: Cathedral of Santiago
93. Calle Bidebarrieta in Bilbao old quarter
94. Bilbao: Church of San Antón
95. View from Santa Maria street in Bilbao old quarter
96. Bilbao: Arriaga Theater
97. Bilbao: Arenal bridge and railway station
98. Town Hall of Bilbao
99. Bilbao: Zubizuri footbridge
100. Bilbao: river Nervión at night
101. Bilbao: river Nervión
102. Guggenheim Museum and La Salve bridge
103. Guggenheim Museum
104. The coast near Pobeña
105. Brazomar Beach, in Castro Urdiales (I)
106. Church and lighthouse in Castro Urdiales
107. Brazomar Beach, in Castro Urdiales (II)
108. Castro Urdiales port
109. Camposagrado Palace, in Avilés
110. Donkey near the village of El Muro
111. Water for pilgrims
112. Mouth of the river Nalón
113. Selgas School, in El Pito
114. Church of Jesús Nazareno, in El Pito
115. Preaching to pilgrims
116. Pilgrim signs in Asturias
117. Fork at the entrance of Luarca
118. Arrival in Luarca
119. Luarca port
120. Leaving Luarca
121. Bridge over the railroad
122. Pilgrim signs in Villapedre
123. Navia
124. On the way to Ribadeo
125. Arriving in Ribadeo
126. Village of Cubelas, after Ribadeo
127. View over the Valley of Cey
128. Lone pine
129. Celebrating Vilanova de Lourenzá local holidays
130. Cathedral of Santa María, in Mondoñedo
131. Statue of writer Álvaro Cunqueiro, in Mondoñedo
132. Panoramic view of Mondoñedo
133. Lifted granary in the village of Maariz
134. Abadín: cross and Romanesque church of Santa María
135. Ponte Vella over the river Batán
136. Pilgrims hostel in Villalba
137. Neo-Gothic cemetery in Alba
138. Road and railway after Baamonde
139. Chapel of San Alberte
140. Dilemma in Miraz
141. The Way after Miraz
142. Taxi service for pilgrims
143. Landscape on the way to Sobrado
144. Church of the monastery of Sobrado dos Monxes (I)
145. Church of the monastery of Sobrado dos Monxes (II)
146. Fork on the way out of Boimorto
147. Abandoned house on the way to Arzúa
148. Love, eucalyptus and litter
149. Love for Jill
150. Keep on!
151. Fence of the airport of Lavacolla (I)
152. Fence of the airport of Lavacolla (II)
153. Almost there
154. Church of Lavacolla
155. The way into Santiago along the Rúa do Valiño
156. Platerias square in Santiago de Compostela
157. Facade of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela (I)
158. Facade of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela (II)