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1. Chapel of San Blas, in Casquita
2. Interior of the chapel of San Blas, in Casquita
3. Horses on the way to Ambás
4. Landscape on the way to Ambás
5. Church of San Pedro de Ambás
6. View over the monastery of Santa María de Valdediós
7. Monastery of Santa María de Valdediós
8. Church of Santa María de Arbazal
9. Pilgrim signs after the Alto de la Campa
10. Landscape on the way to Figares
11. Landscape after El Castro
12. On the way to the chapel of La Bienvenida
13. Chapel of La Bienvenida
14. View over La Pola de Siero
15. Palace of the Marquis of Santa Cruz, in La Pola de Siero
16. Fountain of the Park of Alfonso X the Wise, in La Pola de Siero
17. La Pola de Siero Town Hall
18. Not happy with his country
19. Beware of the dog!
20. Pilgrim signs near El Berrón
21. Avenida de Los Campones, in El Berrón
22. House in Fonciello
23. Horses next to the sanctuary of the Virgen de la Cabeza
24. San Juan del Obispo Bridge over the River Nora
25. ¡Buen Camino!
26. God loves you, even if you are uncivil
27. Church of Saint Peter, in Granda
28. Roman bridge over the River Nora, in Colloto
29. Pilgrim signs in Colloto
30. Passage under the A-66 highway
31. Oviedo Sports Palace
32. Mural about traditional Asturian sport, in Oviedo
33. Fray Benito Feijoo Square, in Oviedo
34. Oviedo Cathedral Tower
35. Alfonso II El Casto square, in Oviedo
36. Oviedo Cathedral
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