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The Camino Planner is an interactive tool meant to allow you to generate several customized files (images, spreadsheets, web tables, pdf files and GPS files) containing different data regarding your future pilgrimage along any of the twenty-one currently available routes to Santiago: coordinates, distances, heights, villages, lodging facilities, stages, and even sun and moon calendar.

The first version of the Camino Planner appeared on May 4th 2003. So far, it has been used 389,467 times by visitors.

As a first step, please select the route you want to travel, by clicking on the links below.

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Please choose a starting place (on the left-hand side of the table) and a finishing place (on the right-hand side) for your entire journey along the Connection by Peyrehorade, separated by at least one intermediate locality. You can see the cumulative distances in the middle of the table.

In the bottom you can enter your name to customize the output files.

Finally, click on the button to submit the form.

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