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Camino del NorteBayonne to Santiago de Compostela158 g
Camino PrimitivoOviedo to Santiago de Compostela50 g
Camino OlvidadoBilbao to Cacabelos103 g
Vía de la PlataSevilla to Santiago de Compostela260 g
Camino AragonésSomport to Puente la Reina65 g
Camino del BaztánBayonne to Pamplona83 g
Chemin d'ArlesArles to Somport200 g
Chemin du PuyLe Puy-en-Velay to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port140 g
Chemin du PiémontCarcassonne to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port180 g
Connection by GavarnieLourdes to Jaca110 g
Connection by PanticosaLourdes to Jaca76 g
Chemin d'OssauSainte-Colome to Somport63 g
Chemin de VézelayVézelay to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port225 g
Connection by GR-10Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Hendaye70 g

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1. Sanctuaries of Lourdes
2. Torchlight procession in Lourdes
3. Mass in the grotto of Lourdes
4. View over Arras-en-Lavedan
5. Church of Saint-Martin, in Arcizans-Dessus
6. Landscape on the road to Gaillagos
7. Portal of the church of Aucun
8. Lodging center La Salamandre, in Arrens
9. Sunrise in Arrens
10. View over the Pyrenees from Arrens
11. Medieval bridge over the river Arrens
12. Pilgrim signs on the Way (I)
13. On the way to the Tech reservoir (I)
14. On the way to the Tech reservoir (II)
15. Tech reservoir
16. Tech reservoir dam
17. Fishermen by the Tech reservoir
18. Arrens valley (I)
19. Arrens valley (II): l'Arcoèche cabin
20. Arrens valley (III): cows
21. River Arrens
22. Arriving at Suyen reservoir (II)
23. Suyen reservoir
24. Pilgrim signs on the Way (II)
25. Labassa pathway (I)
26. Labassa pathway (II)
27. Labassa pathway (III)
28. Labassa plain (I): vultures
29. Labassa plain (II)
30. Path of the Peyre Saint-Martin (I)
31. Refuge Ledormeur
32. Path of the Peyre Saint-Martin (II)
33. Path of the Peyre Saint-Martin (III)
34. Remoulis lakes (I)
35. Remoulis lakes (II)
36. Groundhog in the scree
37. Devil's crest, between the Cristal and Soulano peaks
38. Devil's crest
39. Path of the Peyre Saint-Martin (IV)
40. Col de la Peyre Saint-Martin, on the Spanish border
41. Campo Plano reservoir (I)
42. Campo Plano reservoir (II)
43. Campo Plano reservoir (III)
44. Las Ranas lagoon and Respomuso reservoir
45. Respomuso reservoir
46. Respomuso shelter
47. View over Sallent de Gállego
48. Arriving in Sallent de Gállego
49. Town hall of Sallent de Gállego
50. Aguas Limpias river, in Sallent
51. Sallent de Gállego under the Peña Foratata
52. Jacobean information panel in Sallent
53. Lanuza reservoir (I)
54. Lanuza reservoir and Peña Foratata
55. Lanuza reservoir (II)
56. Lanuza
57. View over the Búbal reservoir
58. El Pueyo de Jaca, over the Búbal reservoir
59. Church of the Assumption, in Panticosa
60. View over Hoz de Jaca
61. Dolmen of Santa Elena
62. Estabuen ravine
63. Town hall of Biescas
64. Church of Santa Eulalia, in Orós Bajo
65. Church of San Martín, in Oliván (I)
66. Church of San Martín, in Oliván (II)
67. Church of San Juan de Busa (I)
68. Church of San Juan de Busa (II)
69. Church of San Pedro, in Lárrede (I): apse
70. Church of San Pedro, in Lárrede (II): south facade
71. Church of San Pedro, in Lárrede (III): door
72. El Moro tower
73. Las Pilas bridge over the Gállego river
74. Citadel of Jaca
75. Cathedral of St. Peter, in Jaca
76. Cathedral of Jaca: portal and chrismon